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The ‘Or’ is a dependency which the Net Name has on the IP Addresses which implies that EITHER the 1.99 IPv4 Address OR the .99 IPv4 Address must come online before the Network Name resources comes online.For more information about resource dependencies, visit: Windows Server 2008 R2 we have improved how the DNS registration logic is implemented within the cluster resource DLL implementation of network name resource.If you use Zone Edit to manage and host your DNS records, and want to automatically update one or more host records when your dynamic IP changes, here’s a simple command-line method to do so using tools that are built in to every unix-based operating system, including Mac OS X and Linux.First, a quick overview of dynamic DNS: services like Dyn DNS and No-IP are DNS providers that publish hostname records, and also provide a tool to enable “dynamic” updating of IP addresses for those hostnames when your public IP address changes.I'm really stuck at this point and would be very grateful of any suggestions anyone may have.Lately I’ve been working on building out my home lab to play with things that I’d never even think of setting up and trying in our development environment at work.

One that I sometimes use, which is perhaps not so widely known for its capabilities for dynamic DNS, is provided by Zone Edit[1].

During DNS registration we present a mapping between the network name and its provider IP addresses over some physical adapter that can reach a DNS server.

Below is an example of a standard Network Name resource.

First you’ll need an account at Zone Edit, and your domain will need to be configured to use their DNS servers.

I’m assuming you already have this, or you wouldn’t need to know how this works…