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While I am intrigued, I’m also terrified I might somehow end up in some kind of Taylor Swift song (Which wouldn’t happen unless you know Taylor Swift. Signed,***Dear Wanting to Date Taylor Swift (but not end up in a song), Do you have a chance with Taylor Swift?

I don’t know her, but from articles on-line that I’ve read it seems she might have a boyfriend right now. I get why someone creative might seem intriguing especially to someone who has never been involved in a creative endeavor before. I don’t want to just rely upon my knowledge as a creative person, so I asked for some crowd-sourcing from my graduate school (talking about you, UCR-Palm Desert Low Residency MFA program) cohorts.

I once dated an artist/musician who told me after a first date that my songs reminded him of "a female Bruce Springsteen! Until I learned a few weeks later how much he despised Bruce Springsteen. There's a difference between being stumped for ideas and being lazy.11. It always a little creepy to go to someone's place for the first time and realize there are no books. And enough space and time alone to work on creative projects.

If you have time to swipe through Tinder matches, you have time to read. This shouldn't be a problem unless you're a stage 5 clinger.

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If you can't go to bed knowing there are dirty dishes in the kitchen, it's not going to work out unless you don't mind doing them yourself. She has a good eye and her selections are generally spot-on, whether it's a leather messenger bag or glass jars filled with homemade chocolate chip pancake mix. She will evaluate your gifts based on how much thought you put into them.

Highly creative people rarely keep normal sleep cycles, and are often prone to bouncing from one task to another throughout the day. The flow of creativity is a cycle, full of highs and lows.

Some people may consider this “manic” behavior, but in reality, it is just how the creative process works. Whether it is their own little work space or an escape to somewhere quiet, they need a time and place to be alone with their thoughts.

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In the same way, creative people need to frequently renew their source of inspiration and drive. Having the right environment is essential to peak creativity.It doesn’t really matter what kind of creative venture they are involved in, but I find their passion to be a seductive and intriguing quality.I find the on-line dating profiles of creative people to resonate with me more than someone not creative.The highly creative mind is one that is running at full speed all the time.Although it can be a source of crazy, spontaneous fun – it can also be a burden.Highly creative people tune the entire world out when they’re focused on work.