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Who was keyshia cole dating before she got married

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"I Radric Davis aka Guwap bet 100K I can and will beat Jeezy ass #JUSTTRUTHS," he wrote before roping T. On "Truth," Gucci alleged that while the R&B star was dating Jeezy, she also carried on an affair with Diddy.

"Putting all ya trust in some of these 'Hood Rappers'..

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The clip shows a huge diamond ring on his left hand ring finger while he’s holding her hand with its own ring on it.

Now true enough we are all battling demons,strong holds and generational curses but allowing a man to drag me and my child thru the mud while im trying to find myself just isn't in my DNA……advice @iyanlavanzant but poor judgment A post shared by ??

Blogger Famelous discovered the video of Jaylon and Daniel on social media.

“What I learned about her is that if she wants something, she wants it now and she’s going to go get it.

That’s one of the reasons we actually stopped having sex,” he said.