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This unique form of language is called text speak (or ‘txtspk’) for online, chat, SMS and lingo.
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When you are finished recording, tap “Back” to go back.4.

Receiving messages Tap “Save” to save changes to your profile.

When given a /voice command, the client checks for an appropriate text file with a corresponding file to play.

The first file found that is appropriate gets played, and the check order is (if you type "/voice myloot")Note that this means if you want to play a less specific version of an existing file, you need to remove the more specific one. if you want to play your own "help_01.wav" file no matter who shouts for help, you need to have a file named "help_01.txt" in the folder, and remove all other files ending with "help_01.txt".

Pace has produced several publications and research papers over the years and has worked closely with the BBC on the production of special reports relating to child sexual exploitation, including a BBC Panorama episode called "Teenage Sex for Sale". Irene Ivison was consulted and helped draft the National Plan to Prevent Sexual Exploitation of Children and the Sexual Offences Review.If you want your "help_01.wav" file played only for male characters (but for all male characters) you need to remove all files ending with "male_style_help_01.txt" (and any character specific "_help_01.txt" files).Nintendo's next Fire Emblem game will usher in same-sex marriage to the RPG series.Suicide help chats are available across the United States, and, indeed, around the world.People often utilize online suicide chats rather than calling crisis hotline phone numbers, but is suicide chat help really a viable option to actually calling a crisis line?It will then automatically transition to the home screen and start receiving others’ voice messages. The stream of messages won’ t stop as long as you stay logged in.