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In 1664 the English took over the Dutch settlements, renaming the city as Albany, in honor of the then Duke of Albany, the future James II of England and James VII of Scotland.

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After studying briefly at Duke University, he embarked on an acting career. television syndication as Mission to Venice), and Sandok, Il Maciste della Jungla (1964; released in 1966 as Temple of the White Elephant).

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On April 6, 1970, against the advice of others also in the area, Sean and Dana headed by motorcycle towards a supposedly ...This Official Record was collected from a Law Enforcement agency on 9/01/2013.As he got older, Flynn admits there was another deterrent to pursuing his dream career.Namely, "trying to learn 20 to 30 pages of lines every single night and training my brain to take in that much information," he notes.10."I walked into a room full of what looked like the most handsome men in Los Angeles," recounts Flynn.“I didn’t think I had a chance of getting the job.”9.Billy Flynn stands 6 feet tall; he has blue eyes and brown hair.2.He travelled to Vietnam as a freelance photographer in 1966 and soon developed a reputation for being among a group of daredevil photojournalists who were prepared to go into combat in order to get the best pictures, and spent some time embedded with Special Forces units.