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It's entirely up to you how you word the announcements, though it may vary slightly depending on the circumstances. Nathaniel Tetteh Quarshie and Alithea Clegg-Lamptey Nathaniel Tetteh Quarshie and Alithea Clegg-Lamptey are excited to announce to their family and friends that on Saturday December 24, 2011, they are solemnizing …

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But for those computer savvy souls who live to converse via emails and on the internet, then posting your free engagement or wedding anouncements online with us at may be the perfect forum for bringing the message to the world. If you wish to tell a story, feel free to add much more text . Leslie Beale Taylor Junior and Chequita Cherch Perdue Ms. Leslie Beale Taylor Junior were married Friday July 18th 2003 by the honorable Albert O. We have asked the close family to help us financially. We would love to thank our parents Cheryl Rabideau and Jeff …

She was offered a film contract by the German Gaumont Company and her first movies, “Ave Maria” and “Crush,” were a success.

She followed them with three others the next year and in 1915 she opened her own film production company in Germany, Andra-Film, and eventually produced and acted in more than 80 movies.

At the outbreak of War she was accused of spying for the English, French, and Americans, and was only saved from deportation by the intervention (she claimed to have been briefly held in a prisoner of war camp and later insisted that the Emperor himself ordered her rescue) of Baron Friedrich von und zu Weichs zur Wenne, a distant family relation of the Austrian Empress Zita (his family were feudal nobility from Bavaria).

Fern married the Baron but he was killed just before the end of the War and, for the rest of her life, she used the name “Baroness Fern Andra.” After the end of the War Fern continued acting and became known as “the most beautiful girl in Europe.” In 1920 she caused great scandal for her movie, “Genuine” when she appeared on film clad only in a costume painted onto her body.