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You may close yourself off to only dating your type, but in all reality, your “type” is some weird science Frankenstein creation that doesn't exist anywhere outside your mind.It's when we go out looking for our type and fail time after time that we get frustrated and end up rushing into a relationship that is horrible for our long-term success.However, you do your best to humor him and even accept a drink or two. However time passes and he's still at the bar talking about Passion Pit with his friends. How To Date In The Present Another night and you're going home alone.He's funny, and smart, and he makes you laugh, but he's too business and you're too artsy. And sure enough, a girl walks in, puts her arm around his neck and kisses him. But it's not your fault, you think to yourself, all the good guys are taken!“He/She isn't my type.” Most of us have said it, but all of us have heard someone say it.People have preferences in all aspects of life, but one of the biggest mistakes a 20-something-year-old can make is pigeonholing themselves into a single “type” of person when dating.

Dating becomes more clear, choices become better and you’ll become happier overall.Whether you find dating fun or whether it sends your nerves into a flurry, diabetes is one extra thing you may need to think about when dating but all in all it shouldn't get in the way.We run through some of things you may want to consider when making the most of your dating experience with diabetes.” Let’s say your type is tall, has an edge and is a college graduate, but you met someone who had everything else you wanted.Do you think you could be happy in the relationship?Let me be the first to admit that I had a “dating type” for most of my adult life.